Actual projects

Underwater sonar inspection of Riga, Kegums and Plavinas HPP

We have started underwater sonar inspection of three Daugava hydropowerplants hydro tehnical structures subscribed by Latvenergo.

The purpose of the inspection was to examine the condition of the structures and the riverbed topography of these 3 power plants. The field work is performing on October, 2015.

The final results will be 3D point cloud data that further processed into visualization images.

Such underwater inspection using the sonar method is more accurate, reliable, faster and cheaper method for inspect harbours, bridges and dams, hydroelectric power stations, pipelines and fixing the damage sites. Results are shown in a report with visualization images, 2D CAD drawings, 3D CAD models, calculation of volume and detailed review of optimal maintance and repairs.


  • JSC “Latvian State Roads”

    One of our clients for a long time is JSC “Latvian State Roads”. Mostly, we are forming the projects of organization of the use of land and then the following step – doing a cadastra...

  • Inspection of geodetic net

    We have inspected a local geodetic net of Riga, Imanta region in 2013. Totaly has inspected more than 700 points of geodetic net. These results you can see in a map of local geodetic net in Riga. ...