Finished projects

3D model of Lendžu quarry

In september of 2015 in Kraslava district, Udrisu parish we carried out aerial photography. In the result of processing of images, we made a point cloud. From the point cloud the x, y, z coordinates were exported from which the volume of quarry was calculated. The area of object was 4,48 hectares.

Here you can see a 3D model of this quarry:

Landzi, Kraslava, Latvia by on Sketchfab

  • Cinema town "Cinevilla" orthophoto

    In may of 2015 we finished surveying with unmanned aircraft of the only one and unique cinema town in Latvia “Cinevilla” and created orthophoto and 3D model. We hope that this material will be very us...

  • Orthophotos and 3D models of military base Siimika, Estonia

    In August of 2015, in collaboration with our Estonian collegues Reaalprojekt, in Estonia 50 km northwest from Tallin in Siimika military base we carried out aerial photography with unmanned aircraft. ...

  • Topographical measuring in Mežaparks

    We have done the topographical measuring in park of culture and recreation “Mežaparks” (including the Zoo park). Total area – 430 ha. All data were put in one system of geodata to le...

  • Projects in reconstruction of technical projects of land reclamation

    In this year we are starting to enact a several technical projects of forest reclamation system in East of Latvia fulfilling the order of “Latvian State Forests” JSC. Currently the total measuring and...